Friday, July 23, 2010

Two Shells -24/07/2010


I'm glad that you're glad that I'm here.

It was one of those
odd one to one thousand things
we were just eggs once
living lives unfertilised
waiting exposed on shore
fighting random chance
the fickleness of sand
as a cradle
and the lap of every wave
that didn't want us.

We now have our shells
and we've held
our moisture within
kept wet this far
while following faint footprints
leading us away from shore
we found the tide
now we'll take it on a ride.

Now we'll
learn to ocean-swim
now you'll
show me to dive
and I will
teach you my smile.

You can
float on your back
cast shadows below
only need to look up
to avoid
the garbage.

I can
watch you attack waves
with flipper limbs
splash around like an idiot.

You can
show me ways to breathe
out here
just beyond shallow.

I can
fish for compliments
watch schools of tiny creatures
go scatter around our legs.

We can
the smudged shore line
where I left my things
salty all over
this pale skin
the clear water
where our fins won't touch the bottom
long enough for it to get cold.

we can
swim back for the land
even though we've been out there
and now know
the deep down below
we still realise that when the swimming ends

Back on land, we might need these hard shells again.




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