Sunday, July 4, 2010

Barely a Sound -05/07/2010


You get that, don't you?

Where the wanting
gives you some rest.

There's no words there
no memory
no memorial
like destiny without destination
like poems read without a page
seeing movie scenes without a screen
taking a bike ride without using hands
and having sex with nothing but.

Where any word
would intrude
the thanks never mouthed
song that you can't sound
permissions given you
to break barriers you never knew
ever even existed, somehow

and didn't care to, for now.

You will fill these moments
with the utter emptiness
the quality of your unknown quantities
you will let go of letting go
and you will just
hold yourself

As brief as a lensflare
those times you'll know
the differences between
what you might be missing
and what you actually can,

just plain do without.




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