Monday, July 29, 2013

Protester -29/07/2013


I'm staging a protest.

                 Against people.

                               It's at my house.

                                          You're not invited.

Fuck head.



Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Overboard -25/07/2013 ( + ASRC donation appeal)


"there is a colony of bad fathers who built this place
still alive in the way I was lead to think"

-Buddy Wakefield, Horsehead


when I grow up
I wanna be a free country
unafraid of my neighbors
nor of my own potential
to live up to all those laps dashed
trying to win some human race

I will not be peering anxious
through a cyclone fence
at the wrong side of history
to protect a manicured lawn

when I grow up
my children will have heroes
who never held a weapon
but fled from violence
who bravely made it
heroes never hiding behind
what they had
as an excuse
to deny the same to others

When I grow up
I will be an Australian

trading my human wrongs
with human rights
by an exchange once known
to other generations

a fair go


Well if you live in Australia, and not under a rock therein, you probably don't need to be told what this post is in aid of. It's been a horrible week punctuating a horrible year in Australian politics. What you may not know is that last year I worked directly with Asylum Seekers as a community support worker, through Australian Red Cross.

While I've held/maintained a certain amount of detachment from the issue (which I found necessary to undertake the job), it's surprising now how much this has effected me, how suddenly angry and betrayed I feel by our government. I think about all the people I met and worked with trying to repair their lives and eek out some sort of life in Australia, and the thousands more still incarcerated by Australia, only to have K-Rudd come out of nowhere and trample all that work, and I feel very ashamed of us a nation.

Well, I plan to do something, in my own small way to help the cause. I know from my time working inside the system at ARC that the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre are doing good work advocating for, and directly assisting with material aid, we would often liaise with them for extra assistance outside our basic health/well-being mandate.

So, with the upcoming full-blown re-release of my album, I've decided to donate a third of the money from each album sold ($5.00 out of the $15.00) to ASRC, for any album bought through to the end of 2013. 

Truth is, I has been seriously thinking about something like this anyway, and Labour's massive right turn this week really just galvanized me. I still have gestating plans to write a poetry-narrative chapbook about my experiences at Australian Red Cross, later this year, this gesture is a forerunner to that.

However, as that launch is still at least a month off, in the meantime if anyone is so inclined please make a direct donation to ASRC through the link below.

and check out their Facebook page:

I don't like trying to take the moral high ground. My footing isn't great and my balance is worse, but there are times you have to get over yourself and do -something- for the sake of your spirit. This, for me at least, is one of those times.



Monday, July 15, 2013

"My Way . . . A Portrait series in the making of people who are living life their way" -courtesy of The Headshooter


(note: click to enlarge any of the images here)


I was recently invited by portrait artists The Headshooter, to participate in a photography project entitled "My Way . .  . A portrait series in the making of people who are living life their way", focused around individuals who are living unconventional lives. I swear it wasn't my idea to do it naked, the original conception was to have a poet looking up surprised/startled, and ultimately vulnerable/exposed. However we all decided after reviewing the images that this one above is the strongest.

Mine was the the third  in this series so far. The other two, also portraits of creative types, I've included below:

1) Saint John Reed

2) Meza Bezza

and 3) 'The Poet'

I had a really great time working with Michael and Rohana on this and I can't wait to see what's next in the series. On that note, if you're interested in having your portrait taken professionally, or contributing to this project, please get in contact with the guys at Headshooter:


(Meza again, this time from another ongoing series "RAw Women without makeup or airbrushing")



Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Simpler -10/07/2013 (WARNING: EROTIC CONTENT)



things were simpler before I knew
that you have had rape fantasies too

simpler before I knew
you often don’t want
to be asked what you want
you like
when I do
without asking

I like that too
just don’t like admitting
that I like...

your wrists grabbed
behind your back
a hand on your throat
a fistful of your hair
the back of the head
you give me as I thrust
into your mouth

before we both of us dropped
the pretence of caring
about your period
the pretence of caring
about the messes we make
making it messier
before I knew
pulling on your hair
or growling down your ear
or telling you
when you can come
turns you on as much
as calling me Daddy does

things were simpler before
seeing your sly smile
at your torn top
discarded as I ripped it off
moaning you not wanting me to


do not want this
to be normal
please tell me
this is not normal
tell you I’m scared
of being not normal
scared of being judged
of being asked
to tell you what
I like
to hide what I really like
on my hard drive

where I can believe
I’m the only freak
a product of free porn
frustrated half-formed thought
fucked up and perverted and dirty
hearing you say please hurt me

there are not-nice words
you can call a woman
I was surprised to find
you liked being called
every single one of them
during the night

you wouldn't ask for-

                       I shouldn't think of-

                                       we couldn't try it

inside the straight lines
of safe assumptions

we're out of bounds now
there are no straight lines
anywhere on the human body
and I suspect
fewer still in our minds

things were simpler
before we started talking about it
before I knew
what you are willing and able
to do
with balls gags, sex toys
rope and harnesses
and things were
a lot simpler

         but not quite as much fun


So here this is. This poem was originally drafted January 2012 to be included in FUCK THESE GUYS, the much-delayed erotic chapbook series/collection/thing Steve Smart and I have put together.  I've drafted this somewhat and read it last night at an erotic fiction gathering with my Little Raven publishing friends, to a very favorable response.

Given some of the controversy I've drawn at gigs and online this year, over some pretty minor stuff, I've been really pensive about releasing this material, but by the same token I'm also feeling a little more ready to handle criticism (both constructive and hostile). So for this reason, I've decided to press ahead with Fuck These Guys, soon as I have the Product album launch out of the way.

(one of the images I've collected for the FUCK THESE GUYS book) 

Things are not where they were a year ago for me. I'm finding my voice, and finding an audience for that to.  Haters gonna hate. More on that later...