Thursday, February 27, 2014

Ham -28/02/2014


for the longest time
if someone would ask
what it is I write about
I'd struggle to come up
with an answer

not anymore

I have
some of the worst people
I've ever met
to thank
for that

I am not thankful though
I am a pig.

A pig
who knows what a pig is
and find
all the entrails
you can pull out of that
so interesting
to look at

and once
you've ripped
your own guts out
to get it in writing
there's really not much more
anyone else can squeal at you
that could compel y'

to pull it back in




Agency -27/02/2014


I've been told
what my own words means

I'm just glad
they were here
to stop me
before I came to the wrong conclusion
about myself

the silliest nonsense
all of a sudden became biblical literalist
as they were bagging me out

I've been told today I've violated people
I've been told today I'm no better than Andrew Bolt
I've been told that people are too scared to tell me
that they're scared of me
I've been told everything I'm writing is being recorded
to be used against me
I've been told I must apologise, repent
retract and desist
or suffer the consequences
and I've just been told that if I write another reply

I'll be guilty of harassment

I've been threatened... more better
I've been sobererer rrr
I've been scratching my head
having the time of lives
with friends laughing our arses off

I've been around
oh baby I've been around
too long to let some cyber-bully
get me standing down

my name is Randall Stephens
I got here as soon as I could
and I won't be going anywhere

where these people can follow me.