Sunday, August 16, 2009

"What Conditon My Condition Was In" -16/08/2009


Sunshine hitting raindrops,
As they fly up hitting me in the face.

In a race against stand still traffic,
The sun sets as my work day is about to begin,
A well paid job helping the poor and unemployed,
With very little to do once I get to work.

Sweat-soaked inside my waterproof goretex,
I glide safely through another red light,

Then continue pedalling down the motorway.


(Title from the Kenny Rogers song "Just Dropped in" )

...oh I know, as if you didn't know my pop-culture fluent friends, but every so often I do actually meet someone who hasn't seen 'The Big Lebowski'.
They're out there, scaring the shit out of me like Liberal voters or MX readers ot TV watchers. Sorry, don't want to frighten anyone... just check under the bed for monsters before lights out, cool?



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