Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Gambler -06/08/2009


I have chased you further,
Than rainbows or shadows,
From where I want to be.

You are everywhere but here,
And anywhere else,
Choices I never knew I made.

You are just over those walls,
Held in a vice grip,
Somewhere on Baker street.

You are as real as any excuses given,
Thinking on my feet,
Rationalised in balancing acts,
Paid for, in full.

You are my strategic tragedy,
Held in common,
And explained in a shrug.

You are my play,
On words,
Regretted occasionally,
In clear-headed moments,
All too soon forgotten.

You are the steps,
When I keep going back for even more,
Of this,
Thinking I...
I can still win,

With what little, I have left.




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