Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sweetalkers THIS THURSDAY at Bar Open -22nd March 2012



Sweetalkers March is storming the stage at Bar Open this Thursday night with an amazing line-up of international spoken word and local poetry all stars to light up your Thursday night.


Back from Glasgow we have Skye Loneragan, the Edinburgh fringe fest-award winning writer/performer, bringing her passion for poetry into the third dimension and down from Sydney to tell us a thing or two.

Her first solo show, Cracked has been adapted for ABC Radio National. She’s made four other solo shows, worked on artist residencies, done poetry gigs with many wonderful people and her last play, Mish Gorecki Goes Missing, was shortlisted for three UK awards.
(more info: www.SkyeLoneragan.com)

Skye Loneragan: Poetry from Skye Loneragan on Vimeo.

This will be Skye’s first ever poetry performance in Melbourne. I first saw Skye perform in Sydney, as a sacrificial poet in a National Slam heat up there, fresh back from a decade over in Scotland, and then again at her own gig ‘Turning the Page’ in Sydney and I knew then I had to get her down to Melbourne. She’ll also doing features at the Dan O Connell on Saturday and Passionate Tongues next Monday to complete her Melbourne tour. Yes you should come to all three. Randall says so.


Sage storyteller Sista Zai blends humour, intellect and grace in talking about the experience of African-descended women living in Australia, she’s coming to the stage to plant some seeds in your mind, to see what grows.

Zai writes stories that speak authentically about her personal experience of life. In 2011, Zai founded Stillwaters! an African-Descended Women's Storytelling Collective. Through artistic collaboration and workshops, Stillwaters! facilitates the mutual and respectful co-existence of all experiences and stories.

(if you are not seeing a playable video-window above click here for a link)

Sista Zai is helping Sweetalkers continue our policy of featuring new and emerging talent, who have yet to be given a full feature of their own. I’ve given Zai a couple of requests, and I really can’t wait to see what she’s going to do for us.

email: zai.selects@gmail.com
Twitter: @sistazai
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/zai-selects
YouTube: SistaZai
Blog: sistazai.wordpress.com (under construction)



Over from the USA on their Asia/Australia tour, a pair of Poetry slam mega-champions: Phil Kaye and Sarah Kay, giants in the US poetry scene for years, having performed for thousands of audience members in venues from sold out theatres to maximum security prisons. Together they run Project V.O.I.C.E. ~started in 2004 and has since taught Spoken Word Poetry in classrooms and workshops all over the world to students of all ages.

Project VOICE

(if you are not seeing a playable video-window above click here for a link)

Sarah was a featured speaker at the 2011 TED conference (Technology, Entertainment, Design) on "The Rediscovery of Wonder" in Long Beach, California.

(if you are not seeing a playable video-window above click here for a link)

They’re kind of a big deal. Like a huge big deal. Like: the poetry nerds have been going ape since I announced it, a few even thought I was flat-out lying that we could get them in.
I offer as proof a plugging our sister gig SLAMADINGDONG, the night before (today, Wednesday as you're reading this), featuring Sarah and Phil, along with a supporting host of Melbourne's finest battling out in a slam, a line up including yours truly:

...and also your host and Sweetalkin' MC for the evening: one STEVE SMART, cult-personality around Melbourne, one of it's most amazing voices, constantly torn between high art and low art, and making sure we’re all caught up there with him in the struggle.

(if you are not seeing a playable video-window above click here for a link)

This is going to be the best thing since the wheel was reinvented to be better than sex-stacked metaphors on top of sliced bread, ever. Or at least a damn fine night of stage-poetry. Or your money back.

...oh and that reminds me it’s free entry. See you there!

Bar Open

317 Brunswick St Fitzroy





Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thou Dost Protest Too Much -09/03/2012


the mike stand just keeps drooping
no matter what the singer does

he tries tightening screws
making gentle adjustments
trying other positions
though no matter what
that stands just droops

third time awkward
he makes a face
then starts giggling
the band giggles
the crowd laughs
my friends laugh
I almost start 
but instead find myself saying:

that ain't funny man
'cause y'know-
there's alotta folks in here
and that's a lot of pressure to perform
and sometimes mike stands
just can't stay up
and the more pressure you apply
the worse it goes
and that's just how it is
and there's nothing wrong with that mike stand
and give this poor piece of equipment a break

...and what, what are you all looking at?"

it's hot in here
and all a sudden

way too quiet