Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thou Dost Protest Too Much -09/03/2012


the mike stand just keeps drooping
no matter what the singer does

he tries tightening screws
making gentle adjustments
trying other positions
though no matter what
that stands just droops

third time awkward
he makes a face
then starts giggling
the band giggles
the crowd laughs
my friends laugh
I almost start 
but instead find myself saying:

that ain't funny man
'cause y'know-
there's alotta folks in here
and that's a lot of pressure to perform
and sometimes mike stands
just can't stay up
and the more pressure you apply
the worse it goes
and that's just how it is
and there's nothing wrong with that mike stand
and give this poor piece of equipment a break

...and what, what are you all looking at?"

it's hot in here
and all a sudden

way too quiet




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