Monday, June 24, 2013

But Who's Counting? -25/06/2013


when she says my name
all of a sudden
I want to own it

when she looks me in the eye
now, to meet her
I want be present there

when she smiles at me
I find one more reason
for wanting to do so myself

well okay, maybe more than one.




Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sends his Apologies -20th June, 2013


how many environmental slogans can y'stick on the back of your car?

how many angels on an agle
can pass themselves off for saints
in paradise?

how far can your open mind open
as you dis-close to all those
you -know- are wrong
before you're unhinged

what other four-lettered words rhyme
with sense-of-entitlement?

some riddles
are best left for the more earnest
of slam poets

I'm busy tonight
washing it out of my hair


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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Crossways -18/06/2013



good as excuse as any
not to meet up with
a Melbourne-visiting
ex lover

lot on my plate... know what I mean?

colour me all pappadams
and spicy chilli flakes
on the curry and the rice
chilli flakes on the chilly flakes
chill flakes in the custard dessert
on everything
all over her new boyfriend

colour me hope he hates Melbourne
colour me in her town
under the same excuse
she used colour me
second helpings
I'm not having

too busy being all hungry
looking for a shared table
by an open window

colour me crossways.




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Sunday, June 16, 2013

What White Male Privilege? -17th June 2013


both those who benefit from it
and those who suffer
because of it
fail to see just how
(completely invisible)
white male privilege is
to white males

after all
way I look at it
it's the best part of that privilege,


yeah come get me fucker, I'm ready for youz this time



Rails -17/06/2013

I miss her
the way I sometimes miss
the last train

which is to say, I don't really
miss it
just choose not to get on board
just before it pulls away
if it looked pretty crowded
or uncomfortable in there
if nasty ticket inspectors
and confusing announcements
cum distordedly blaring out
between closing doors

it all makes me think~
'much as I needed
'long as I waited
to get outta here
maybe this thing
isn't going to head
where I want to go

yeah fuck it, I'll walk.


(hey don't look at me like that, I haven't written nasty in ages... more to come)



Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Wedgie -(Redux 13/06/2013)


in between elbows and cold shoulders
between the low notes your ears pick up
and the dim lighting you hide in
in between two tables
and half empty glasses, left standing

between the funk of low self esteem
and your own sweaty desperation
between needs being hideous
and wants being wanton
between Monday and Friday
adolescence and burn out
aborted efforts and all that blame
the lurch back into needy
and the certain knowledge
that your self knowledge
will not save you
from these nights

in between supposing
this new supposed nerd-chic vogue
will sustain conversations about
The Matrix trilogy
and your failed test deployment
that drops into nodding
as they walk off
into mumbled excuses

in between the time your toes felt frozen
looking up at Everest with your own eyes
and the jagged rip your mind makes
just trying to peel yourself
off your couch cushions

in between backslides by the decade
avalanching at you out the mirror
unattractive utterly
and affection you know
you'll never get
that  you'll never show
the tantrums y'wanna throw
and... well, not doing that

moronic and mad and made
between being hard enough to survive
and trying so hard to be soft
to be open enough to get out of it

in between the few scattered loves
and so much hate left land fill-
-in between the vacant stares
and that rambled awful
you just keep
trying to fill an emptiness

in between alcoholic over-sharing
and conversations that slipped
through your fingers
as they become wall-fused knuckles

~in between all these things
y'missed it but your mate Lonely
stopped by

apologetically had to leave
like you, he struggles
suffering with being maybe more
than just a little bit awkwardly -shy-
so didn't want to interrupt you
in the middle of something
so brutally-beautiful
buddy but
he  said
to say




Saturday, June 1, 2013

BEHEMOTH -(live performance video at Outspoken Poetics, Sydney) -April 3rd, 2013


One of the biggest and oldest poems in my fossil record, performed here for the great folks at Raymond Nedziak's Outspoken Poetics in Sydney. (poem text follows below)

(if you are not seeing a playable video box, click here for a direct link to YouTube)

Shaky camera work on the video by one Steve Smart (hey it's all for effect, you kids have seen Cloverfield right?).  I recently performed an even bigger version of this poem for the good folks at Slamalamadingdong with three camera angles going, so we'll probably be seeing another clip up here on the blog later this year.


I rule the world
I am ancient and weigh tones
I'm the size at which
I have no natural predators
moving slowly and heavy
in a world of pre-history
sharing in an age of great beasts
giants and monsters

we are not yet burdened
with a future of small creatures
this is our world undivided
no men
no continents trying to be islands
 I am your dinosaur

Diplodocus, my bones
will sometime become artifact
'til then I exist on a scale far larger
than an hominid mind can hold

I'll yet defy their classifications too
saying I was avian but reptilian
but something or other else

no, my blood is warm
I do not fly away
we don't even need to know 
what is standing in my way
only how soon it is getting out of it

we Dinosaurs had small brains
I'll tear down trees
destroy a whole fucking forest
just to have something to eat

I produce over a tonne of shit each day
it's true I shit a tonne of shit everyday
for millions of years

when you rule the world
this is the manner 
in which you conduct yourself 
envy us long dead dinosaurs
you wish you could produce
that much shit

but I'm a behemoth with no regard
for what comes out of my arse
my feet stomp every step I take
I shake the ground around you
In fact I could make the Earth
for you without even trying

so come with me
I can shoe away your predators
with my tale
we can eat up all the forests
together stamp the ground
before us flat
before we fall
into tar pits to become...

a fossilized curiosity
incomplete skeletons closeted 
in the ground for all time
but we will fire imaginations
for all time

they will marvel at us,
small people filling their puny frames
with awe, envy and defeat 
just imagining... our mountains of shit

 we are the Diplodocus
a legacy left still yet left living
of the very-very large
too large in fact
for this small world

of people

to contain any longer.


For more upcoming live poetry events in Melbourne see: Melbourne Spoken