Saturday, June 1, 2013

BEHEMOTH -(live performance video at Outspoken Poetics, Sydney) -April 3rd, 2013


One of the biggest and oldest poems in my fossil record, performed here for the great folks at Raymond Nedziak's Outspoken Poetics in Sydney. (poem text follows below)

(if you are not seeing a playable video box, click here for a direct link to YouTube)

Shaky camera work on the video by one Steve Smart (hey it's all for effect, you kids have seen Cloverfield right?).  I recently performed an even bigger version of this poem for the good folks at Slamalamadingdong with three camera angles going, so we'll probably be seeing another clip up here on the blog later this year.


I rule the world
I am ancient and weigh tones
I'm the size at which
I have no natural predators
moving slowly and heavy
in a world of pre-history
sharing in an age of great beasts
giants and monsters

we are not yet burdened
with a future of small creatures
this is our world undivided
no men
no continents trying to be islands
 I am your dinosaur

Diplodocus, my bones
will sometime become artifact
'til then I exist on a scale far larger
than an hominid mind can hold

I'll yet defy their classifications too
saying I was avian but reptilian
but something or other else

no, my blood is warm
I do not fly away
we don't even need to know 
what is standing in my way
only how soon it is getting out of it

we Dinosaurs had small brains
I'll tear down trees
destroy a whole fucking forest
just to have something to eat

I produce over a tonne of shit each day
it's true I shit a tonne of shit everyday
for millions of years

when you rule the world
this is the manner 
in which you conduct yourself 
envy us long dead dinosaurs
you wish you could produce
that much shit

but I'm a behemoth with no regard
for what comes out of my arse
my feet stomp every step I take
I shake the ground around you
In fact I could make the Earth
for you without even trying

so come with me
I can shoe away your predators
with my tale
we can eat up all the forests
together stamp the ground
before us flat
before we fall
into tar pits to become...

a fossilized curiosity
incomplete skeletons closeted 
in the ground for all time
but we will fire imaginations
for all time

they will marvel at us,
small people filling their puny frames
with awe, envy and defeat 
just imagining... our mountains of shit

 we are the Diplodocus
a legacy left still yet left living
of the very-very large
too large in fact
for this small world

of people

to contain any longer.


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