Saturday, January 25, 2014

Hopes for Survival Day -January 26th, 2014


I hope to some day live in a country
where the wealth of it's people,
their material abundance and prosperity
make them compassionate and generous
not callous and greedy

I hope to some day live in a country
that does not define the people
desperately in need of help
as our enemy

I hope to live in country
that celebrates survival
of it's original peoples
a country that can acknowledge
that civilizations destruction,
acknowledge the genocide,
ongoing suffering and misery
this is causing

and I hope to some day live in a country
less fundamentalist in it's economic drives
and less self-destructive
in it's treatment of ecology

it is my hope, some day
that this will be my country
that day,
(and it won't be January 26th),
that will be the day

I will celebrate Australia




(Oh and just to be clear, an upside down flag is an internationally recognised sign of a country in distress, popularised as symbol of protest by US Vietnam veterans protesting the war in the 1970s)