Thursday, August 27, 2009

Product (Tales Told By An Idiot -volume 1)

So after all my laboured preparations over the last year for creating an album, when I landed an interstate gig recently after an open-mike one night, I called up Alex with about 2 days notice, told him I was coming around Monday morning, to make an album... that afternoon.

Of course, the thing blew out immensely and what we envisioned as taking about an hour of trimming down and cleaning up the few live recordings I have, ended up being two days of intense work, but nevertheless, here it is... finished and ready right in time for me to get on the plane to Adelaide and my first interstate exposure.

Featuring recording from my 2 recent features, encompassing all Alex and I's colloborations as well as the rehearsal/promo stuff with Alex, a poem from my first Dan feature way-back-when, and a selection of the better open mike stuff I've done. Here it is. Tales Told By An Idiot volume 1: Product.

So if you're interested in owning your very own piece of Randall Stephens, we're selling this 17-track, 54 minute masterpiece for $5.00AUD ... yep. That's all (oh and postage costs if you're overseas or interstate)

Now I know I could probably get away with selling it for a bit more, but I'm more interested in having people hear it, than how much I can profit out of it.

...Want one?
-> Just drop me an email at I got a paypal account attached to that email, which is probably the easiest way to go. Or if you're a Melbournian unfortunate enough to bump into me semi-regularly ~ you can just give me the paper or buy me a pot or two and that's that.


...Lastly, just to avoid any confusion, this is not THE album I've been talking about forever, that project is still very much on the go, and will be ready by December, featuring readings from (as well as the redoubtable Alex Scott) ~ Eleanor Jackson, Meaghan Bell, Steve Smart, Libby Charlton and... the Cave Clan, and a soundscape created between various muso-friends of mine. And uh, yeah... that will be with a little more to me than five bucks.

Meanwhile, check out Product in all its cheap glory. All proceeds from the sale go directly to the "shit I am so badly in debt to my parents and the Tax office at this point that having two kidneys is looking like a glaring indulgence" charitable fund trust. Yeah.

Anyway, all my avaricious mercantile ventures aside, thanks for continuing to read and support Tales Told By An Idiot. Stay tuned for more blogging soon.


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