Sunday, August 2, 2009

Man Alive -24/07/2009

I've been hit...
I’ve been hit with more tall sticks,
Than you could poke a stick at,
Stuck with the ugly stick,
And here I stand,
Still itching to stick it to the man.

Man alive,
For all intents and purposes,
And in all probability,
The best of the worst case scenarios,
Or at least,
A next-less-best-guess.

With two feet walking the talk,
Two feet for whom the bell toe jams,
Toeing a line of two night ceiling-staring sightseeing stops,
You can stick me in a sachet,
But get me out of the bubble-wrap,
Because I’m a proof of concept,
A challenge to the precept,
I got marching orders,
With stories to tell,
So fill me up with coffee and fly me to the moon.

And I'll,
Fill you in on a backpacker’s backlog,
Sent to the back of the line,
Drawn in the growing desert sands,
With chopsticks that used to be a Borneo rain-forest,
And when the Tarkine is used to make toothpicks,
Don’t get picky with me,
Because I know what side of that line I’ll be standing on.

Fighting the good fight with bad timing, and,
I want to be the iron man of irony... man,
When I hear poets, who declare laudably,
They don’t want to pause to be applauded, me?
I got plans to make you clap your hands,
Holler and shout, don’t leave me in doubt,
Up here being out there facing inner fear,
Steer you in a direction of circumspection,


Because it dies inside in time,
If you don’t get to express it,
So be incessant,
With the determination not to just,
Live this life of quiet desperation,
In homeostasis just taking up a space.

But take that with a grain of salt,
Take it away,
Take your time,
But don’t take it for granted,
On this planet,
Take each moment here for all that its worth,
Because take it from me,
It’s just one life you get, man,

And you have to give it, everything you can.


At last I can start releasing some more babs out of captivity. This one is the first of the materials I'd been holding back for the Dan show, and definately more of a stage piece that a page one. Nevertheless, apropos to this blog, this was my first bit on stage last Saturday. I'm hoping to get it all up here quickly, and get started on some new-new stuff soon.



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