Wednesday, July 29, 2009

JUMP! -14/08/2008

(minor redraft June 2009)


I can tread water,

Like there is even a grace to it,

I can breathe under water…

…at least, I try to now and then.

Never did learn to dive you know,

All I can do is jump,

A feet first drop down crash,

To resurface salty,

Burning throat and nostrils,

But I’ll be smiling,

Because I enjoyed falling.

That leap and grasp for air,

That rush of empty in the updraught,

And I seem to just,


In space for some moments,

Before the body of water moves on me,

Rushing up impossibly fast,


My limbs want for feathers and a gliders grace,

But oh no,

Down I go…

Projectile launched out to see,

With all the grace of a fridge trying to fly,

Failing, falling,

Closing on the water,

Until I crash…

Piercing right through with a splash.

My contact,

Was a flat-on-the-back bomb,

Shattering torpedo punch,

Going too deep to stay in control,

And swim.

Coughing I come up to a bubbly hiss,

With a huge air pocket in my pants.

Sting of that slap already searing my skin,


But like I said above,

Before we jumped off into this,

No matter the belly whacker smack,

That comes after the jump,

I still enjoyed, falling for you.


The last piece used from my last feature that I hadn't yet blogged. Now, onto the new stuff...

And be there be there be there oh yeah, this Saturday, August 1st, 2pm, Dan O Connell, 225 Canning Street Carlton, to see what new stuff I've cooked up. The 2 sets at the Dan will feature all new material not yet heard in public, and not seen on here (except 2 pieces that have been heavily revised) ...and am I exhausted at all this preparation or what.

It's gonna be a great show folks, don't miss it!



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