Saturday, July 18, 2009

I Heart New York -02/05/2008

(draft 15/07/2009)

I heart New York,
I heart New York like pigeons in flight,
Flashing bike lights,
Never sleeping poetry slam Statton island man,
Crossed by the ferry man,
All canned into concrete canyons,
On huge screens I stared at in Time Square,
Where black clad pow-leece protect puddles of rain water,
Sorta reminded me of the poor pigs I pigged out on plates of pastrami prior,
Tire of piggy-backing this bag on my insanity overwhelming me spread thin my eyes on asphalt hungrily hunger for more-more want it raw galore encore sightseeing whore,
Flew open me often dropping subway tokens, start spreading the news you’re my new muse I can use these views to amuse folks back home, that shit was smokin’ still choking on the spoken words I heard,
To the beat,
You can concrete me into this jungle with you caged in a zoo exhibit where I exhibit caginess all night,
On display my power animal now craves to be fed....

Hot dogs!


See for yourself:



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