Friday, July 24, 2009

In The Seat Of My Pants -10/07/2008

(draft 19.06.2009)

Shake, drop,
Jack knife,
Switch blade, double back,
Switch back, back road,
Back burning, turns styles,
Down hill, thrill seek,
Free for all, free style,
A cross country off-roading,
Rough customer, who’s tough-crowding my personal space.

Outer space inner piecing together,
Hold on, hold on,
Shift the weight, take the fall,
All you got, and pedal!

Damn you to hell!

…but just keep pedalling.


As with yesterday's entry (Left Unsaid) this has a very rhythmical structure and I don't know how well this goes on the page, but I wanted to blog everything used at my last gig, so here it is. Also one of the few bits I have about cycling where I'm not mixing sexual-metaphors (at least, not that I'm aware of... ah never mind). Enjoy!


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TimT said...

I like the pieces with strong rhythms, they suggest themselves naturally on the page anyway. Or they do for me anyway. Consequently I like this very much indeed.