Thursday, July 23, 2009

Left Unsaid -17/12/2008


Told you so,
But I’m not gonna say,
I told you so,
And a guy walks into a bar and says,
And it’s just like I always say,
We got a saying back where I come from,
And... you don’t say,
And it’s all he-said she-said anyway,
And said the spider to the fly,
Say What?
And said God to Jesus,
And Christ said unto them,
Say it like you mean it,
Talk is Cheap,
And a word in anger,
And a way of wording it,
And say, this saying goes...

The way, in which,
I sat, waiting,
For some, reason,
Or excuse, to approach,
That girl, sitting there,
In time, before,
She got up, and left,
The table, across,
The room,

From me.

The chance, didn’t present,
So the words, didn’t form,
The girl, didn’t stay,
Long enough,
For me


So now these words,
Stay here with me,
Better left,





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