Monday, July 19, 2010

...You Fool -20/07/2010


before the first time they kiss

they'll stop waiting for fireworks
forgetting smooth talk lines rehearsed
un-licked lips will then have earned this
salvaged from a dozen other maybe yes now moments missed
waiting procrastinating dictating
to himself his mouth can't be this dry
and she'll have stopped avoiding his eyes

the idea
can't have lingered too long
to turn to fear
they'll be past the point of nervous laughs
not a feeling silly sorry said
nothing of ums and ahs
instead, and for once
those two
won't feel like those calls across the room
where everybody notices you
except the only person intended to

before the first time they kiss
there'll be twelve more chances missed
and he fumbles for courage
and she sits there dis-couraged
and it all hourglass sand slips desperately quiet away
to be lost in a junk draw full of excuses to wait
hesitating debating butterfly nerves
and scattered in-instinctual social reserve
spiralling towards the same old and oft repeated end
on second thought maybe we're just 'sposed to be friends

before the first time they kiss
that perfect moment never showed it
now before cracked lips
somehow again let this slip
desperation as lubrication
fear steers away near lost chances
don't ask or explain
suddenly he'll just lean in
as she will do the same

and the first time they kiss
it always feels like this
almost maybe really kinda not hardly at all shaking
not that much


for apologising so much
as their lips touched
she was at a bad angle,
he was still out of breath
a mangled sentence left
and everybody else watching
now not enough to stop them

they almost blew it
looking for a perfect moment

instead of simply making one happen.




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emozlie said...

I love this.. you've captured the moment so well! :)