Monday, July 5, 2010

AND THEN... -06/07/2010


And then I met her and I talked to and I was talking to her and she talked to me and then she was still talking to me and it felt really nice and then it felt so nice that I was thinking I should get her number and then she said she was thinking I should get her number and I said y-y-yes I would like to g-g-get your n-n-number and she gave me her number and then I had her number and I said to her I will d-d-definitely call and then we talked some more and she smiled and I smiled because she smiled and all I could think about was that she gave me her number and that I would call her and we kept talking and it still felt nice and she touched my arm and then she rubbed my arm and then I rubbed her shoulders and she said that was nice and there were people watching and I didn’t care and she didn’t seem to care either and then it was later and I said hey it’s late and I was leaving the p-p-p-p-party n-n-now and goodbye I will c-call you tomorrow and then I left the party and then I went home and was thinking about how it felt to rub her shoulders and about calling her tomorrow for the rest of the night and then it was tomorrow and then I waited to call her until later that day not to look desperate and then I was desperate to call her and then it was the afternoon and I thought again about calling her and then I thought more about calling her andthenandthenandthenandthen...

I called her.

And then the phone was ringing as I was calling and it was ringing and it was ringing and the phone was ringing because I was calling her and I was hoping the phone would answer and then the phone answered and I was hoping it would actually be her who answered and not be a wrong number and it was actually her who answered and it was not a wrong number and then she said hello who is this and I said hello and I said I’m that guy you met at that party last night and she said hello that guy I met at that party last night and she sounded happy to hear from me and then she said she was happy that she’d heard from me and I said I was also happy that she was h-h-happy to h-have heard f-f-f-from me or something andthenandthenandthenandthen I felt really nervous because I was actually pretty nervous and I felt like apologising for things and I think I probably did apologise for things three t-t-times in the conversation and I talked but I don’t think she noticed and I hope she didn’t notice and she said she was with some friends now and she will call me back a little bit later and I said yes call me b-b-back,

a little bit later.

andthenandthenandthen I hung up the phone and I sat there waiting and hoping she would call me back and then later still I started to get scared so scared starting to think that she might not want to call me back and that maybe she might not call me back and then I was scared because so many times before it ends that way.

And it did.




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