Monday, July 5, 2010

June Twenty Two -06/07/2010


June twenty two

it found me walking the night
in another city
that I'd never been before
that looked like every other city
amongst the dozens I've been to
since the day,

That I left you.

So far gone
the long times spent
from a need to call in
to where there was a home
from these many cities
with one way streets
and single serve sleeps.

And these walks
I lose track of their exact
numbers now
but must have walked down
hundreds of such strips
that stretch as far
and further than I can take them
across all those cities
the number of which
I long ago quit

As this lonely planet bookshelf blur
of countries
tallies into forgotten phrasebook
collections of lessons
that slowly accumlates
but I will never get tested on,
I forget the details over time
but never
have I failed
to retain this date.

June Twenty Two.

Before that I never knew
an around the world
view enlargened
where everywhere
crowds wear the same skins
and the streets will do anything
to avoid any of their eyes
with as much to hide
as I'll never know
in questions
in reasons
in regrets
affirmations and hopes
as I lived them out
of my system
around the globe.

Walked my eyes all over
paving these new paths
with our old memories
that love too childish
to have lasted
too consuming
to sustain
too sincere
to have survived
too real
to forget
or ever really get over...

Over and over
yet alone
when left alone
in any space
like this place.

Three years today since I left
after that final friday night
so that I go out
and find out

That you were right.

when you said
amongst the latter
and more bitter blows
exchanged between us

one thing you uttered
almost a whisper
a kind of curse
and worse
than other thing
you tried to put on me

I remember
you said I would never
and forever
no matter what
be able
to find
another woman
like you.

Were wrong

You were wrong about everything

except that.


- Peace


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