Saturday, July 10, 2010

Engrish -08/07/2010


Getting tenses wrong
the whole time
you were wanting to learn
the language better
from me
I am
trying to untangle myself
from its constrictions
at the same time.

Hands in my pockets
with nowhere else
to hide extra words
so few I can use
with you
I wanted
to say
I was I mean I am
thinking about your hair
that it looked so, um.... good.

So we walked
my feet
your mouth
and each step struggling
towards our self expression
that might mis-understand
and our shoulders
rubbed much closer
than our comprehensions could.

In my fourth decade
trying to master english
each word went out of it's way
to double mean
to imply
avoid eye
and do my awkward for me.

Yet my meaning
made itself clear
despite my worst efforts
so off hand self sabotaging remarks
fell flatter
than the over stacked metaphors
they came from
and all I can do
is communicate
with you.

Yeah you
trying to tell
clever wording
won't work here
stop trying to show off
is usually all I have
on offer
and usually how I have
comprehended enough
of my mouth
to understand
that's when
I am
my least impressive.

so few words we share
we wrestle over the use
of each one
and I won't lose any
to you and your
your misplaced plural-isation.

Two is company.

Phrases in my way
if wordless
I could imply
with just eyes
it is
I look like
I'm looking for
an excuse
not to say,

That you might not mis-understand.

too many double negative
exempted exceptions
And I have
far too many
collections of
complicated phrases
for you,


was not
the way
I wanted
to tire out
our tongues...

if you know what I mean.




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