Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bubble Boy -01/07/2010


for how long
I had stood there

watching you sleep.

It looked so warm
behind your eyelids
I wanted to be

enough to find
that deep rest
we both so desperately
still seem to need.

enough not to wake you
as gently as you’d need to be
to catch bubbles
without them breaking.

enough not to wake
the middle of the night
nowhere you want to find
yourself by yourself.

It looked
so damn warm down there
beside you
forgot how long
I had stood there.

Should have left
your smile still round
your eyes still closed
your sleep so tight
and protective
that you couldn't wake
and catch me
standing there,

watching you sleep.

I was watching you sleep
and not wanting
to face that doorway
and walk out,

Back into the cold.