Saturday, May 31, 2014

Shemotional - 31/05/2014


my boss asked me if men cry
thought about it for a second
said yes

she asked what makes us
said I don't know, really
probably different stuff than women
and the same stuff as women
and I agreed we should do it more

then I volunteered this-
the last time I cried
was about a month ago
was hungover from my birthday
my girlfriend looking after me
and I started crying because...
I don't know really
I felt bad
like I didn't really deserve
this nice treatment
scared of being a jerk
and maybe she didn't love me
and I felt better afterwards
and as I tell her this
I see my boss smirk
oh just a little bit she did
thinking it silly

started me off thinking back
'bout a high-profile poet
jacked up on some numbered wave
of feminism who called me
for sending out thank yous
after one of my first gigs

little smiling assassin
she made smirks like that too
clench my jaw
(well what the fuck you ask me for then woman)
written all over my shrug
never mind, I say

guess it was silly
and it didn't count
'cause of a hangover
and men don't cry
not really
don't be silly
I'm just overly-sensitive for a ma-
...for a Thursday

we were having a hard day, that day
at work






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