Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My Problems - 14/05/2014

my mum misses her mum
on Mothers' day
gave her a book with me naked on the cover
and another one I haven't read
she paid for lunch though


my girlfriend doesn't have enough money
to stop her mouth from hurting.
I have lots of money but am not giving her any
because I don't think
healthy relationships work that way
I'm an expert

explain my theories over the phone to her
she had trouble talking because of her jaw

two occasions where ambulances came to my work yesterday
plus someone had a breakdown in the lobby
you could hear it from the back office
I watched it lo-res on the split screen monitor
mounted up in the corner
above the spare desk
it was my first day

they assured me it's not always like this
know they were lying
and I said so right back


today at the World Hemophilia Congress
went to talks on women's sexuality
and then caregivers of children
with bleeding disorders

just curious really
love hearing about the problems of people
that I don't share


feel a little gross now
admitting all this
numb and disconnected
from the confession
can't talk
fuzzy and not good with guilt but-

-actually I don't know how to end that sentence

pretend we found a point
then stopped





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