Thursday, May 8, 2014

A Self Reference - 8/05/2014


but when I do look up
from my phone
I don't know 
what I'm supposed to see

when I stop being bad poetry
surface from screens
or other writer's pages
clock off from welfare work
aren't distracted
by being a haemophiliac

when I do get time to myself
without her
I feel only the subtractions-
I rush to holes
in my life
I don't know how to fill

who else should I call
what to do with my hands
how do see something
without putting a camera
in between it and you

want to not want anything
and don't get it
there's a cold out here
that ain't concrete
or warm coats

this isn't the first time
I swam out this far
I remember

"if you are going to be lonely
find the biggest sky you can
as far from home as possible
to do it under"

when I look up from my phone
again, I will look

in the eye.


As for the self reference:



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