Monday, May 12, 2014

WFH 2014 World Congress - 13/05/2014


"We are sorry, but the lifestyle you are after is currently unavailable".

There are people from over 120 countries at this World Congress for Haemophilia, in Melbourne.

today I walked through the expo centre looking at all the multinational pharmaceutical companies displays, all the men in suits, all the medical professionals here who want... something.

I used to work as a labourer here at the MCEC sometimes, setting up and breaking down exhibitions just like this one.

A lot of the display banners talk about achieving normal lifestyles. I got paid twenty two dollars an hour through the night for reccie work.

I wonder how much those Pfizer guys are pulling for this.

In the opening speeches at the Opening ceremony, some assistant health minister called the global HIV/HepC epidemic in the 80s and 90s a "challenge the bleeding disorders community had faced."

I held my applause.

I've decided to use my cross-continental bike ride/poetry tour as a fundraiser to hopefully raise awareness and more importantly money for Haemophiliacs in developing countries, known as the 'close the gap' campaign.

Call me a bleeding heart.


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