Monday, June 2, 2014

Taking Sides - 3/06/2015


my feminine side
is an internalised misogynist
with a great sense of humour
passively aggressively
not talking to me
every time I try getting in touch
with it

...but it gives good head

my masculine side
hates the actual word 'masculine'
thinks it sounds prissy
or some shit

every time I try getting in touch
with it
I end up in a head-lock
as it calls me a poof
then asks me quietly,
if I still do poetry
before crying on my shoulder
sobbing uncontrollably

leading me to the sore-neck
I don't like taking sides

my inner child
a little shit who nicked
my fucking wallet
and gives aspirin
to seagulls
when no one's looking

my inner demons
don't mix well with my mates
never pay their way
and drunk the last of the goon
when I was out

while the better angels
of my nature
all took flight
leaving for higher wages
paid leave
and more flexible hours

well who needs you anyway







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