Saturday, June 21, 2014

Dry - 22/06/2014


he's not hungover this morning

no recrimination
to be held against dumb things said
or done

no nagging guilt
to start looking after himself

no better judgement was railed against
last night
no headaches or lingering bad moods
this morning
clear headed and well rested
empty bed

his strength
with nothing to push against
morning exercise is less
than a stretch

his liver wants to thank him
he doesn't want to hear it
he speaks only in damage
spent as much of the previous evening
apologizing for his sober awkwardness
as he might have
for making a right-tit of himself anyway

he held a promise
like it was holding him
to ransom
didn't think he was an alcoholic
until he stopped drinking

but he has faced his first night out
sans getting soused
like he just went ahead
turned the music down
before the neighbors even had a chance
to complain

he's not hungover this morning
and it feels

just awful




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