Sunday, June 22, 2014

Randall's live performance of JUMP! - May 2013


Completing the series of videos Alex Scott and I produced last year when I was still trying to sell you my album, this video was taken at Slamalamadingdong Poetry Slam (the same gig where a few of the live poems on the final album were recorded).

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If you want to sing-a-long with Randall, (or just can't understand what I'm muttering my way through) the poem itself follows this post.

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I can tread water
like there is even a grace to it
I can breathe under water
…at least,
I try to now and then

never did learn to dive you know
all I can do is jump
a feet first drop down crash
to resurface salty
burning throat and nostrils
but I’ll be smiling
because I enjoyed falling

that leap and grasp for air
that rush of empty in the updraught
and I seem to just
- hang -
in space for some moments
before the body of water moves on me
rushing up impossibly fast

then my limbs want for feathers
and a gliders grace but oh no
down I go

I’m a projectile launched out to see
with all the grace of a fridge trying to fly
failing, falling, closing on the water
until I crash piercing through
with a huge splash

my contact here was a flat-on-the-back bomb
shattering torpedo punch
going too deep to stay in control
and swim

coughing I come up to a bubbly hiss
with a huge air pocket in my pants
sting of that slap already searing my skin

but like I said above
before we jumped off into this
no matter the belly whacker smack
that comes after the jump
I still enjoyed

falling for you




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