Friday, June 13, 2014

(by the time you read this)


I remember seeing raindrops bead
over my handlebars the other night
and wanted to write something then
but had already made too many posts
that day

these posts
these bits of data will outlive me
stored somewhere by the NSA
Google and what/whoever else
it may never be read again
or all that much, while I am still alive but


this angry thoughtful
tired horny carnival of dread
I keep punching out
on my phone will still exist
long after I am gone

I'm just neurons
-firing off nail clippings
sweat, semen
unwanted body hair
bound into a soft shape
by an immutable will
to not die (just yet)
propelled to interact
with the world
by the various appetites
that constitute a human life

day by day
until the one comes
where I won't wake up
inside of it
nor talk or think of something
to post on my timeline
during it
no longer contained
by calendar dates

I will still exist though
I'll be this post
about the rain drops
that beaded on my handlebars

the ones
that were catching golden light
off the street lamps above
as I cycled home

they were beautiful
already gone,

by the time you read this


(no date on this post)



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