Tuesday, June 17, 2014

...not in our stars but in ourselves (or Astrology sucks shit and my 6 year old nephew already knows more about how the sky works than you) - 17/06/2014



in the year 2014
some people
still believed in it

this is why
you can't have
nice things
this year

I mean I think you can’t

   ... someone told me

       ... not really sure

              ... well no I don't actually know anything about this matter

                             ...look I'm not taking any responsibility for this

                                     ...stop making this so hard

          ...lets just go check a thousand year old chart instead

that will clear this up

as brought to you by ancient peoples
who didn't know Uranus and Neptune existed
(or even Antarctica, for that matter)

In the year
two thousand
and fourteen
practice it

Carl Sagan must be shrugging in his grave

in the year 2014
it’s all fairly harmless though

because of it
you can still have conversations with people
who pre-judge and determine who you are
the content of your character
and your emotional attributes
based on when you say
you were born

while our bigoted Prime Minister
talks climate change skepticism internationally
the word science in air-quotation

no relation there

...I mean it would be irrational
to try connecting disparate
things together
wouldn't it?

join the dots

kept alive today in 2014
by twats
who probably couldn't tell you
half as much about the constitution of our galaxy
or the layout of our solar system
than my keen-eyed
six year old nephew

   ...yeah you go Oliver!


(if you are not seeing a playable video window click here for a direct link)

Taurus, in case you were wondering. 

You fucking peasant.



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