Sunday, August 28, 2011

and me and you and everyone else we don't know -29/08/2011


suffering the same symptoms
log onto facebook
read everybody else' status

then bum out
your life is on ice
with no traction

say tired not tyred
to be clever
say something
that doesn't say anything
in order to have
something to say
to be clever
to the someones who may
or may not
read it
who are also
looking for something say
in the blink
of the cursor

stop believing
in clever
in looking for your shape
in outline and underline
in the red on blue little cues
that flag that we are still

by the faces you know
the length of the lists
ain't living

this is addiction

we are connected
in our alienated state
connected by the faces
I know

what it is "like"
waiting for a like

and I am



-LIKE- the recipe for awesome sauce
that's part eating lemons
part sucking eggs

with a pinch of salt

added to taste
eating your own words
over and over again
waiting for yourself
to somehow write out enough reason
for us

to not have to come back here.




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