Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Globe Rotates Like Dice -01/08/2011


we have more than we need

and still want
more than that

so now more
of the world
lives with less
than they need
for the sake
of people
who then waste
what they have

we need
to realise
all this

could be taken away from us

need to wake up
need to share out
gift and give
what we have
to spare

and we need
to want
for less

if we want

to survive.


Inspired (well obviously by recent experiences of where I am), but linguistically by two lines of Denzel's in "The Book of Eli" that were elegantly simple and strikingly direct, as archetypal one-liner hero dialogue should indeed always be, and which I've paraphrased in the opening lines here.

Oh and the title?
It's half a line from a Sage Francis song~ "Agony in Her Body" (from the album A Healthy Distrust), Incidentally/ironically a very darkly introspective song on an otherwise extremely political album.



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