Sunday, August 7, 2011

Head Room -08/08/2011


The walls of your room
haunt your thoughts thick
and sleepless

walls of your room
stare at you
dare you waking into long hours
reading them bare
-every stain felt
on every shapes every surface
each hidden hair of light
from off the floor
climbs up you
til you climb up the walls

learn the dirt the cracks
been built into these walls
trace them all backwards
in a loop in a loop in a loop
in a smell of yourself too bad
in the tattoo that scabbed
in a fan too loud
in a room too small
with a bed too big
in an idea bouncing off the walls
sonar echoed voices
in languages you never learnt

no one here
except demons brought back
with a tongue you chew
for soul food
and the sensation

of someone else here to hold you.

no way out
in fact there's no way out of tonight
at all
you try tunneling through to sleep
you're a head torch on fire
but these walls
have been built
on the wrong side
of your eyelids

walls you can't lose
growing thicker than the room itself

if you had a cigarette
you'd be a smoker right now
if you could bench press
the weight of this ceiling
you'd be asleep right now
if you
could stare back the abyss
into backing down
it would have flinched by now

or if you could describe
what this thing is
so lonely in the pit
of your witching hour's wander

frying old hate up
thick enough to make your new skin

if you could describe
this thing,
that throws you distant between intimate
and those walls that won't save you,

then you wouldn't have to keep trying
to write to it

in a letter like this





1 comment:

msdebbie said...

I love it Randall, especially the lines
if you
could stare back the abyss
into backing down
it would have flinched by now
The rhythm I got while reading it is what I like best. Good capture of insomniac/claustrophobic nights in an unfamiliar bed :D