Monday, August 15, 2011

Carrying a Tune -15/08/2011


I'm starting a resistance cell
gonna go
jam head phones in my ears
walk down busy streets
singing badly

to myself

off key and not caring who listens
and who doesn't
and see who joins me

we'll march through the city
having tickle fights
we'll make paper planes
out of self help guides

we'll tear up fashion and fitness
and diet books
and drink fully-full fat milk
and eat big sugar
and carbs and cholesterol
and we'll saturate in fats
like we're in a jaccuzi
and won't let anyone stop us

I'm starting a resistance cell
gonna go
set fire to a burning question
talking madly

by myself

til I've smoldered out an answer
loud and not caring who listens
and who doesn't
and see who else is

because we won't wait to speak
until we're spoken too
we'll go looking at our reflections
if we see them in windows
and not stop when other people notice
pick our noses
and pop pimples in public

we'll be just as comfortably uncomfortable
in our skin
as we want to be
we're gonna stop saying sorry
when someone bumps into us
we're going to burp mid sentence
instead of getting hiccups
fart loud and often
not going to tuck in shirts
trim back our nails
or shave where and when we don't want to

we'll tell our boss they're fired
make doctors wait for us
pull over the police for speeding
ask ticket inspectors
if they have anyone they can call
to verify their identity
kick bouncers out of bars
fine advertisers for public defacement
and tell our counselors

that they're crazy

we'll ride bikes without helmets
or fears
twist bubble wrap
break glass for giggles
without admitting it's fun to smash stuff
stay on the train way past our stop
and won't care what's coming down the line

we'll take the last piece of pizza
and the first slice of cake
spit on a fish
swing on a swing
sit on a roof
climb trees like we used to
roll down green hills
then spin around circles at the bottom
if we're still not dizzy enough
laughing like the idiots
we are

lie around naked in our backyards
and in our hearts
sing the bits of stupid songs
we like
even when we don't know
the words

we'll make something up

and we'll let it out
bouncing in heart springs
and we're going to do it

before they make all that illegal too.




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