Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Warmer (live at Donna Butcher Gallery, Singapore) -29/07/2011


A new edit of my poem "Warmer", performed live at the Donna Butcher Gallery in Singapore on Friday July 29th 2011, for local writers group Plato's Cave.

(if you're not seeing a playable video box above then click here for a direct YouTube link)

Thanks again to Nilofer Ashraff and the whole Plato's Cave gang for making this event happen, was a great night and everybody had fun, there's a few more videos clips worth seeing that I'll be posting up here soon.




it's time to ease yourself
out of that painted corner

without showing off
teeth marks
you made in the air
the wrench
found in your food bowl
or the many carpet stains
in your need to blame

don't look back
for anymore victims
to turn up amongst your cynicisms
quit putting forgiveness
on trial
as a hostile witness
take the gristle out those words
give up
on back pocket tears
hip pocket democracy
genitally exercised rights
promises tucked in your wallet
give it up drop it

come out
from hiding behind your time
you're not the only one
with low notes
held aggregate in their dial tone
not the only one
whose ego has been rubbed raw
with rough chunks ripped off your privacy
we all have those
same sweat-stains and scrub marks
badly hidden
and it's okay, here

ease yourself out of that painted corner

with ease
the paintbrush noose
let it go
give it up
put it down
slowly move
close closer
warm warmer
no sizing up for safety

have your hands out
where they can be held

no matter how dirty you think they are

keep your eyes where I can see 'em
each and every breath
like a helium balloons unstopped ascent
up through
your floating diaphragm chest
a guilt free gas cloud
clear now

give up that frown
come on,
and the other one

...that glare too

it's time for you
to hang up the hang ups
'cause there's a lot of healing
trying to get into your personal space
more than what you spent
on medicine
to cover the tread marks
made on your tired forehead

there's a healing here
to wipe away their footprints
from your mouth
there's a real smile forming there

so look up
and see that

any corner you paint yourself into
you can draw yourself out
from, and canvas
even with sketchy details
broad strokes

...and a few blank spots

walk out of there
leave the trap
no looking back
and please
don't worry about the mess

this time




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tori said...

dont worry about the mess, I like that. again very inspiring, thank you