Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Passed -24/08/2011


you have not found anyone yet willing to un-break you
and never will

nor will anyone find you
using that map you've made
the one
where you marked the spot

with an X

tonight, your past
presents us an impasse
we can't seem to get passed
on this our first
(soon to be last)

because my
romantic advances are lanced off
with an expansive romantic tale to tell
filled with this kinda-well...
and it's messy and it's recent
and it's confusing
and it





listening to this

listless limp wrist audio parade
of the amorous corpses
you still haven't gotten around
to cleaning out of your closet

oh and I got it

you wanted me
to jump
my hand up stuck
to role-play janitor
trying to clean your closet free
for you
in a brand new
but same-lame brain-drained blame-game
...for shame

especially on a first date
'cause if you got to know me
see, I'd be all up for cosplay
and names
and weird games
ones like with stuff that's actually fun
and then some
and intimate feelings
with maybe a touch of healing
and redeeming
and believing in brighter days
but to get there...

you'd have to meet me half way
here across our candle lit table
on the near side of yourself

not in the middle of that minefield
handing me a shovel

nor with the map marked
initially eye-heart
and marking that star-spot
with an X

and yes
stupid as I am, ma'am
I'm still not the one
dumb enough
to go digging
in there
for treasure
waiting for sparks
to fly out of your broken parts

because I'm old enough now
to see this for what it is
and can't be fucked

with a wild goose chase
when all I'd catch

is just a lame duck.


"and X never-ever marks the spot"

-Indiana Jones



1 comment:

Anonymous said...

'waiting for sparks/to fly out of your broken parts' - love it Randall. We're all a bit broken but first dates should be fun. Note to self....