Thursday, September 1, 2011

BREASTS (live at Donna Butcher Gallery, Singapore) -29/07/2011


Another video from the gig at the Donna Butcher Gallery in Singapore on Friday July 29th 2011, for local writers group Plato's Cave.

(if you are not seeing a playable window above then click here for a direct link to the YouTube page

Long time readers will know I've blogged video performance of this poem before, and while my performance here is probably on par with that previous effort, I'm much happier with the camera work and sound on this one, (credit there goes to my friend Nilofer Ashraff).

Besides: it's breasts you know... no one ever gets tired of breasts. The poem I mean, hang on no I don't, I mean yes I do, I mean no, I mean watching videos of breasts, I mean the poem, I think I mean: enjoy, uh... the poem.

Once again, thanks to the Plato's Cave crew for taking an interest, and being an interesting bunch in turn.


You may have noticed things have been quiet on Tales Told in the last week or two, compared to the massive ejaculatory spate of material I was blogging earlier in August. What's up?

Two major projects of mine from back in Melbourne both caught up with me, tag-team style and have pounded the writer out of me temporarily.

One is the re-launch of my spoken word night in Melbourne, Sweetalkers, which will be back on stage in October when I arrive home, and will be running monthly. My aim is nothing less than to make this Melbourne's premiere poetry gig, and I am very excited about the lineups I've been putting together (check it out, I made a logo I did!)

The second project is a monstrosity. A big loud messy, heavy lunging skulking angry mess of an album called "Monstrosity". And yes, after three-going-on-four years of slumming it as a performance poet, I'm preparing to throw my hat into the ring with producer/musician Kim Lajoie and singer Jayne Brailey as the vocalist for PUNCH CARD POET

Both of these are big, collaborative efforts on a scale I've never dealt with before, and I'll be making a lot of noise about these two (ongoing) projects soon. Meanwhile however there are plenty more original poems on the way too, so keep tuning in, reading up and we'll be resuming normal broadcasting services shortly.



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