Saturday, September 17, 2011

The High Ground -17/09/2011


The flood arrived here first

and though we came here separately
it looks like we're stuck with each other
in the town of Sukhothai

So like Thai people here do
I just got the fuck on with it
found me a neat little bungalow on stilts
for a place to stay
an island surrounded by knee deep water
though I still have wi-fi
and only one wet shoe.

Now feet up halfway down a long neck
after wading over to reception for dinner
I porch a balmy night
with a licked-clean empty bowl
and watch tiny geckos spasmodically dance-off
with one another
around the walls's fluorescent light
while crickets sing to the long-grass
standing obstinate in brown water
while floating plastic bottles
try infiltrating their ranks

nearby the sloshing and splashing of locals
walking around the problem
while the guesthouse owners son
playing loudly with his ultraman toys
pretends he's not watching me
whenever I glance in his direction

I pretend I'm not smiling
stay remote via this mote
floods shouldn't be funny
as they happen always to someone else

but the light I'm writing by
can hide my grin
out over the face of the waters
where everything is reflected wavy
and upside down

on what used to be the ground




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