Monday, January 31, 2011

Taurangan Armpit -31/01/2011



late arrived
dingy as anything in Brooklyn
shot through with a Paris vacuousness
filled to its limited pretensions with Ibiza runoff
Russian sounds aggression loud
in competition with Argentinian in-crowds
closely-quartered like Hong Kong’s unfriendliness

you’ve been foreign there too
in lower case

when your mumbled name
came out sounding a little too much like
excuse me
or can I borrow this for a second
or is that seat taken

ah never mind

you found a corner
to conspicuously hide in
and strategically withdraw from

on the outside

where drunken locals unbottle the ugliness of a Newcastle skyline
and pour grey weather the envy of only London
over nightlife Canberra yawned at
and sightseeing opportunities the rival only of Adelaide.

on nights
when places just remind you of other places
memories head rubbing closer together
than how tightly together they pack in these beds
tune out
humming to your sheets cover songs
age showing in the amount of weight you carried in
the place
will sweat hotel California’s into your sleep
before it’s interrupted with Guns N Roses blaring
from the rooms you’ve already retreated from
soccer ball kicking
topless tan weak chin
caterpillar moustache
joint smelling bunk-shakes

It’s late
for it to be this early

unpacking heat
mattress stained with get me outta here
flecked with wrong turn
and bad day
and a patch of poor decision
you cover over with pack strips
and sulky stares
up at the ceiling

it doesn't blink
splitting the indifference
your eyelids aren't heavy
but your chest is

you found another country’s armpit

ain’t you just tickled by it




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