Sunday, January 2, 2011

Last Seen in Wellington -3/01/2011


Last Seen,

but not heard, as adults talk at a dinner table in Wellington

With Dad and relatives and feeling seven year old again.

Ironically I was never this quiet when I was seven.


I don't have an opinion on Red Wine or running marathons, don't have a bank Manager or mutual acquaintance with many of the place names mentioned that everyone else in the room does. So despite this public speaking vocation, and how well you might think it would arm me socially, I've found myself retreating into the keys of my new laptop far sooner than I thought on this trip.

But the night has improved. Speaking to my aunt and a friend of my Dad's I have more ammunition on him than I ever dreamed, so I'm cutting this short.

Anyway, in addition to landing, sleeping, unpacking, getting sun burnt on a patio and checking my emails, I've recently created a group on facebook for updates and what-not on this NZ Odyssey, if you'd like to check it out (because no, I'm not writing any long droll and tedious travel-blogs), then check it out, add yourself on.

Randall $tephens in New Zealand

Actually, this red wine is beginning to grow on me... is that like having an opinion?



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