Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It is a tale told by… 6/01/2011


she was a stripper
and I was a poet
and she was a poet
I was an idiot

and that was the starting
for a great story
but she was a person
who’d heard it before
but I was a person
who loved those clichés
went border crossing
between the naïve
and the very jaded

and she was an expert
at pushing the buttons
of lonely men
and I was a…
I was an individual
who fit this description
and that was a warning
but I was an expert
at ignoring the obvious

and I was a romantic
hoping for happy accidents
went looking to find them
in all the wrong places

and I was a believer
in hard-luck redeemers
and in hookers with hearts of gold
and in cliches
being cliches
for a reason

I then went looking
for a reason
I was looking for a reason
any reason at all

and I was an idiot
and I know I said that before
but you might've missed it
just like I missed it
so I'll say it again

and I
who did not want
to see it coming

so I didn’t
and now
I ‘m still an idiot
sitting here

telling you his same old story




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