Sunday, January 16, 2011

Facebook Relationship Status -16/01/2011

(What's on your mind?)...

went and bought hikers today for going hiking and you didn't.


Unless there's something you're not telling me.


Hey so why haven't you updated me btw?

Ok, so did you get new hikers today?

And didn't tell me.

Is that what you're telling I mean not telling me?

Oh you're not telling me if you're not telling me?

Is that what you're telling me?


So what are you telling me?

And what are you not telling me?

Well why don't you say what you mean then.

Or am I just supposed to guess somehow magically?

Of course you should have told me.

that's what I'm telling you.

Did you think I wouldn't find out?

why do you keep trying to shut me out of your life.

Yes that is what I think you're doing.

No. I know you're not listening to me.

That's what that means.

Has our ability to communicate with one another gotten that bad or are you now keeping things like this from me?

Why are you keeping things from me?

Yes I define this as keeping things from me.

It might not seem important but we can't build this relationship togther if you're not willing to try to be open.

I'm being open about what I did, why aren't you being open?

It's important, it's important because you're keeping things from me.

no this isn't about the hikers being important.

that's not important.

It's important that you think it's important that things are important to me.

I feel like I'm carrying this entire relationship.

You mean you 'like' the status of this realtionship.

So now you won't even comment on this?

I can't do this anymore, putting myself through all this for you.

and never getting anything back.

I'd tell YOU if I just bought new hikers

...infact I just did!


I had to type l-o- (...yeah) in order to do this. I feel dirty.

lament out loud.

Wanted to call this "add comment" but bloody Emilie Zoe Baker beat me to it with a whole thing on that. Hate it when people retro-actively steal my ideas!



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