Sunday, January 23, 2011

Auckland -11/01/2011


you’re a hypodermic skyline
and diagonally hung streets signs

as I try square off with intersections

you are
this operations lynch pin
my raft down this river
flowing from a trip
to get my face on the flyer

a tree I have to keep shaking
til I catch a coconut
or a thump on the head

you're someone I haven’t been introduced to
you’re all dressed up and no place to go
you’re a cat with white fur
rubbing against my black clothes
you’re a conversation that starts easily enough
but takes more and more effort
to keep going

a weather man’s awkward pauses
in little patches of rain

you’re a masseuse
who’s cute and laughs
when I said
I’d write her a poem
in exchange for a massage
and I was serious, for the most part

you’re a few jokes about rape
that I didn’t make
in a car with a couple of cute girls
that were funny

if not taken out of context

and you are a contextual mess
New Zealand's biggest city
when size does matter
a gift for the boy who has everything
you’re in a guide book’s summations
saying in plea:

"don’t hate me,
because I’m beautiful"

I don’t hate you

~you’re not beautiful

you’re a place to stay
while the owners are away
you’re a change of plans
a late breaking update
you’re the good news

free wi fi
when the laptop stops working
an apple mac I can use
with the password I wasn’t given

you’re nothing much happening
on this end
you’re that pen
that I leant out
knowing full well I wouldn’t get it back

you’re a yes no maybe
loves me and loves me not
a pat on the back
after a punch in the face
a check in the mail
sent via doubled-up coastlines
who couldn’t decide on what side
the harbour should be
so you went and grabbed two of them

a hangover
from drinking Coronas
after a Saturday night
I didn’t want out
with a girl
sitting down in a nightclub
with music
too shitty to dance to

and you’re a bad dancer

when I turn around you’d left
Auckland went home with someone else
when I was staying with her

and had paid for the cab ride in

you’re one surly bus driver
and not enough coins
a purported volcano crater
that turns out to be a ditch
with some stupid stones in it
and lots of tourists around it

but Auckland
I'll admit
you were a great view while I was up there
and a few hours on my back
with my head in the clouds

you’re beaches
and eye candy
and picnics
on beaches
with eye candy

you’re a bus that runs til late
and never runs late
never more than a minute away

you’re six dollar fish n chips
in low income areas
that I really like

a yum cha
where the food is so agreeable
you nod along while eating it

good coffee under a friendly face
and enough time to enjoy it
a glass half full
cheap beer’s thirsty words

you’re one last gulp left
surprise out of a bottle
when I thought I’d finished

and was thirsty for more

you’re lets be friends
and I’m…Randy
as hell
but that’s nothing new
and neither are you

you’re all right
If I’m all right

like all my love hate relationships
that I love
you remind me
of what Sydney was like

before I liked Sydney.




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