Friday, January 14, 2011

The Angel's Queue -14/01/2011


she was way ahead of me
had some poems on the wall already
so… now it’s competitive poetry
and usually
that sorta artistry
can just go carry bags for me

but this ain’t about a score
of any sort
so I ought
just stick to facts
remembering that
there was a promised poem
in kind for the kind invitation into her home

so this is my fable
for the upturned face of the angel
that levelled out with legs of the devil
went all the way up
tried to make her stay up
late as I could
found conversations with her …good
about conservation in local neighboorhoods
her chosen profession
teaching kids environmental lessons

we talked about native plants
then about failed romance
we talked about the ex’
and we talked about the whys
things coulda ha-ha got awkward when I mentioned her eyes
switching then to simply just making fun of her music
bitching when still sitting for some hours perusing it

strained the relations
of an acquaintance
made in the age of facebook
where friends talk before they ever met
to become ones you’ll never forget
strangers the best friends you get
but the story might stranger yet

she does contemplate
meditative and complete
orderly silence
she thus can tolerate
my premeditated and conceited
auditory violence

we had a friend creative in common
at times a housemate of us both and often
found ourselves talking about him
that she should soon come visiting
she’s never been over to see my city
and I told her I think that’s such a…

she lightened the load of a heavy head
seen a lot of road, so now it could be said
people like her, are the reason I travel
deep talks getting tangled thoughts unravelled
so my new friend from the city of Auckland
hope to see again for the end
of this two month kiwi tour
want another chance to talk to ya

hope this poem slaps up yet another smile on your face
but seriously,

thanks for letting me crash out a while at your place.




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