Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Mount Maunganui Summer -27/01/2011


This beach is our living room

canvas for our passions
we paint the days
in water colour
and tanned ceramic
skin tones

we are summer
strumming away at guitars
names bench carved with pictures
in waves we attack
white horizon to catch
hold it
crash it

then get back on board
and paddle back for more.

we stride crests of constant collapse
liquid landscape skids
we worship the sun
the water
the air
the moonless nights
shooting stars
off roof racked van driveways
skateboarding down streets
mi-goreng meals
hat straw hair
odd jobless
firing water bomb slingshots
in a beach bum snapshot

we watch a building tide
from a nearby mountain top
see chevrons in the water
feel the current flow
through ocean
to island to coast
to wave to surf to sand
to board to feet
to the air we breathe

the heirs of endless energy
and when we leave this

will still be summer
not set with the sun
the short season itself
gone with us

and will remain with us




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