Thursday, June 4, 2009

Universal -05/06/2009


How far can your eye expand to capture that night sky?
And how many times can you reheat that same cup of coffee?
How many broadcasts more of much-less,
Accomplished-missions can you stand?
How much must that landing-deck of yours shake,
Before the procrastination forces our nests from under us,
When will now,
Finally be seen as the exclusion of later?

Those night sky lights are the search party,
When will the wildfires find you?
–not wanton,
But with them,
In thermodynamic tensions continually expanding,
From here in all positions in all directions,
Further away from what already exists.

When do we reunite these new feelings with our oldest needs?
With ideas and with the drives?
When will we make necks sore,
Those trying to hold up heads watching us fly,
Through spaces,
Without mirrors or cameras or eyes or high minds.

Watching on as the pavement,
Became the parchment,
And the black trench coat called off the carpet ride,
Magic must have ran away from our minds,
Slipping out like someone's forgotten name,
Mentioned too early in conversation to be retained,
The talking is too involved now,
And I’m embarrassed to ask for it again.

But magic, surely must have more names,
Than we could ever ask it for,
Together we must move like expanding gases,
Us too contained –we must crumple our own canisters,
That curtails your cause with causality,
We are still explosive inside this cylinder,
Still so impossible in our vast potential,
Swirling under our pressure.

Don’t keep waiting for some spark,
Crack or leak and find yourself merely leaking,
Into just another room,
Explode into a deeper space,
And far outside yourself,
A much bigger bang awaits.

You’re that universe waiting to happen,
With its own time and space to begin so far out there,
That their telescopes won’t reach you,
You’ll bring your own properties into existance,
Evidenced and observable to most folks,
Only as background radiation hiss when radios turn on.

On through silent voids for so long,
Yes, I still need you to sing,
Of that distance through the distance,
Expand worlds for yourself,
If only so you can have some place to stand on,
While you look up at the same night-lights that I am.

No matter the vaccum between our points of light,
Or likeness,
I need to hear what you have to say,
You have to go,

Even with science still to decide,
Whether or not you will yet implode,
In a big crunch under force from your own gravity,
You must swing back,
You have to take your shot.

Let your gravitas be that gravity,
Let me see you take a stance from where you’re standing,
Without worrying,
Because it will always be the same place,
At the centre of the world,
Watched over by the amazed eye,

Of that star-filled sky.




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