Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Breasts (redone) -10/06/2009



Breasts... are the best.

Oh yes,
I'm talking about…

The time has come now to confess,
How continually impressed,
I am with their shape, their firmness,
There's really no contest,
For where my eyes get...


...it's just my luck,
To then get busted,
Staring at her bust,
Then losing her trust,
Suspecting that I only think about what juts,
Out from, her chest,
Namely, her…

Believe me,
I have tried my best,
Not to be some vile letch,
But I'm powerless,
In resisting the temptations,
In a given situation,
When an opportunity does occur,
Of being able to ogle over there at her…

So it is for these that I continue to quest,
Though it oft-times seems utterly hopeless,
As most women usually think I'm a pest,
To say nothing about joining me to get undressed,
I could get a closer look at,
Yeah, her…

On the crest of a conquest,
I want the bequest,
To please be her guest to make... a mess,
All over the top of those…

I do not jest,
It pain me to confess,
Their very shapes have been enmeshed,
Upon my consciousness,
My imagination gives me no rest,
Threatening my equilibrium and wellness,
On exposure to them my intellectual power plumm-ets,
Into an infinite regress.

Damnable breasts!
I say they're horrible monsters like the Loch-Ness,
And like Captain Ahab chasing the White Whale,
I too am obsessed,
By those compelling and comely…

Now I have the onus of saying to their owners,
No disrespect in my intent,
But, my fellow human beings,
It is so, so hard to ignore what I’ve seen.

I mean,
I really could just spend whole days gazing,
In open-mouth stunned amazement,
At those magnificent works of art,

That are so close, to both our hearts.


Being something of a fan favorite from last year, and with my feature coming up, I decided to give 'breasts' a little more attention, that these words were well due for . Now they're more well rounded, better shaped and more supple, twice as good, exposing a subject I really wanted to touch on again.

Oh man, they are going to boo me off the stage... haha!



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