Sunday, June 28, 2009

I Statements -20/06/2009 (draft)


Tire of reading your bad grammar,

Read too many times in text,
A person referring to themselves,
With a lower case ' i '.

Should not put themself,
In the lower case,
There are millions of mediocre men,
To do that for you.

When you write 'I',
Use the capital I,
Your life, a capital enterprise,
You should always be a capital I and be an eye-full,
You deserve…
Don't sell yourself short with bad grammar.

Be that I that needs a capital!

You’re the big letter!
You need a shift key,
You need a caps lock,
Look, you might even need to be printed in bold!

You need,
To take that much effort over yourself.

Being a word for 'You',

Belongs in the uppercase my friend,
So don’t talk yourself down.

When saying ‘I’ speak of yourself,
As if talking in capitals;



Yeah baby, the flagship is back with a little more punch-tuation, AND MORE CAPITALS THAN EVER. Grrrr...



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msdebbie said...

It would be nice to hear this alongside the new companion post. They both have a lovely sense of pace and rhythm I think