Thursday, June 4, 2009

Down Here -05/06/2009

Hiding from what else they think they can sell me,
Down here hoping that you won't be able to smell me,
Sense they finally lost the scent,

Hunters steam gathering,
And they still prey,

For my soul.

Product placement placed there as a front door,
Some sorta border skirmish in a cold cold war,
Losing side retreats into not,
A no-not too late now,
Lost the bulge,
That European fortress that had no roof,
No roof repeat not,
Not going out like that,

Not like that,
Repeat that not,

And not now,
So stay home for a change,
And hide from the battle.

History lessons… tonight,
Down here's my home,

Home, home on the strange,
Ranging from deranged back to strained politeness,
Polite tensions suspend us,
Hanging out,

Down and out and not coming back up for air,
For a while,
As I made myself at home at large at last at will.
Ad nausea.
Then leave to simmer.

Down here,
Hiding my rear in a rear projection,

Through rear speakers,
Last seen on flat screens,
Said it,
Fear screening,
Fair hearing,
Freedom screaming,
Chained itself to trees to branch out,

Report this,
Back to your baser instincts,
Every single second of it will be captured, recorded and commented on.
Blogs… updates… and feeds,
Oh yes feeds feeds,
Feed me,
Leading me on teething singing, saying,
You're going to see it,
You’re going to love it,
You’re going to write it all over my face,
You will win this war of the mundane whoring my commonalities,
For download time and cheap talk,
I have nothing to offer you,

-that I have nothing to offer you.

Whatever frauds and pretenders came before me,
Can now be vanquished from the temple...
I got the show about nothing,
I'll give it to you for nothing.
Don't mention it.

Sold, sold, sold,
The price was right,
You bought into all this stuff,
You have shelves and shelves and boxes,
And boxes,
You have storage,
You’re a valuable member of this community,
Your contribution is valid,
Your thoughts hopeful,
Snowflake, sure sure,
Validated, like a parking ticket,
As you wait looking outta a car window for a boom to rise.

Tongue in cheek?
Not at all,
My tongue was too busy wagging and drooling all over the keyboard,
Lap it up like look at me,
Look at me can’t you see,
Won’t you see some body,
Status updated.

Under and out,
And over we tried,
To twists like your story has enough space now for you to tell it,
In each bend pretzelling salt on all your wounds,
Its re-designer label looked up latest lecherous,
As one of its many advertised functions,
It is all that glittered getting,
What I knows,
No way is the new black,
Hot pink, my heat sink,
Leers at me with its latest thing,
The iPhone eBook oGod uSuck.

Surrounded like,

We’ll sell you something yet,
Or you’ll die by us trying,
So why don’t I come on up?

But I’m still in hiding,
Still not back, to front,
Still smirk even as I smell,
My own incarnation of a last-and-dying-wish,
Fading fast to black but I make out the scribble on my wrist,
Ink lines leading back along my arms from a clenched fist,

Words that I can still read, in this light, and they say this:

"From your first outward doubts,

through to the day you're dying,
You will never sell out, long as no one’s interested in buying."




1 comment:

twitchingcat said...

"I got the show about nothing,
I'll give it to you for nothing.
Don't mention it."

inspired by your own facebook status update, or is it the facebook status that is The Poetry...?

Digging this post, bro.

- newest fan Kathryn